Planning our ultimate garden party

As I may have mentioned (once or twice!), my dad and hubby are currently decking our back garden. It’s a lovely big area, but owing to being on a slope it was pretty much unusable. I’ve had the house for 11 years now and it has taken this long to find the money to get it done. We are also getting all our windows replaced and, at long last, getting patio doors put in. They will open out onto the decking and open up a whole world of possibilities for us and the kids. 

As you can imagine, I will owe my dad a huge debt of gratitude for all his hard work once it’s done. Dad’s never been one for receiving presents, so aside from a bottle of whiskey for father’s day, we have decided to have a nice big party for him and all the family once it’s done. For us, a garden party is all about barbecued food, cocktails, home made elderflower champagne (first batch bottled last night!), a beautiful view and good company. Despite the fact that it is obviously still under construction, it is easy to see how the decking will provide us with a beautiful view. 

The bouncy castle is one that I bought for my (now 15 year old) brother for his 5th birthday. Libby adores it, and it even attaches to a little paddling pool. Perfect child-friendly entertainment. We may also invest in a trampoline (a huge one that we can use as well), and Libby loves playing with bubbles and on her bike on the decking. 

To make the most of the area for the adults, I love the idea of being able to keep a finger buffet and chilled drinks inside and just nip in through the patio doors to grab it. To really make the most of our gorgeous view out the back, I’d love to put in Bi-Folding Doors. These make a seamless transition between inside and out and would be just perfect for us. Whilst sadly we wouldn’t have room for some of the stunning creations on the website, something like this would be just fine. 

As part of our decking, dad is very cleverly going to do built in chairs and tables along one corner. This means that we can get rid of the rubbish patio furniture that we have at the moment. We have also somehow lost our barbecues, so I’m hoping that I can convince somebody to do us a nice big built in barbecue. I’m aiming to ply them with elderflower champagne to secure an agreement. 

This post was sponsored but the views, opinions, shiny new decking, party plans and intention to re-glaze, fit patio doors and get more work done following drunken promises are all mine! 


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