The Future is Online

Yesterday when we were driving to Libby’s singing group, our car radio was playing up and I ended up listening to a local radio station that we don’t usually listen to. They were chatting about an opportunity that made me tune out of Libby’s constant requests for “more music” and give the radio my full attention. They were looking for people to volunteer to live without their technology for a week. 

This got me thinking about how much we rely on technology these days. For me, it has been an absolute godsend. Virtually all of my work for the past two years has been done over the internet. I ran an internet based business, produced SEO content for various businesses and now I’m going back to the legal field to do some transcription work, still all internet based. This has allowed me to stay at home and look after my children myself, yet still hold down a full time job with the associated salary. 

For anybody running a business these days, technology is key. In particular, every business needs a good website, online marketing, SEO etc. etc. The only business person I can think of that survives entirely without a website is the chap that mends shoes and cuts keys in our local town. He’s always busy because it’s such a niche business, goodness knows how he’d cope with the extra business he’d generate through online marketing! For everyone else though, online presence is essential and finding someone to manage it can be the key to your success. Total Media Digital agency London are a great example of how outsourcing your online presence can be beneficial to a business. 

Could I live without technology? Yes. But it would mean that I couldn’t work. That wouldn’t be the end of the world these days, we would just about survive on one wage, but if I’m honest, I love working. Of course, I could go back to working away from the house, but even then, it would be unlikely that I would find a job that didn’t utilise technology at all. The kids would have to go to full time childcare, and I would miss out on moments like this: 

So I for one am grateful for technology and I have no desire to give it up any time soon! 

Please note, I will be given a small gift for writing this post. Views, opinions, sumo babies and a love of working from home are all mine. 


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