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We’re all going on a summer holiday…

Ok, so maybe it will be more of an autumn holiday by the time we get around to it, but it’s no less exciting! A few months ago, we had pretty much ruled out going away this year, with me being on maternity leave with no job to go back to. We are also still paying off debts dating back to holidays that we had pre-children (irresponsible I know, but well worth it! ), so holidays this year were out. 

In a remarkable turn of events though (a new job for me and a PPI claim for hubby), a short break  might be back on the agenda. Whilst we won’t be going anywhere too exotic with a new baby and a toddler, a short break in this country with the dogs or maybe even a few days abroad might be on the cards. 
When Libby was just over nine months old, I had to go to Paris for work. I was still breastfeeding her at the time, so my employer was kind enough to let me take her with me. I decided that flying was the best option, and I took a baby carrier to avoid the hassle of a buggy on the flight or in Paris. It was notably easier than anticipated, but I’m not sure I’d fancy a flight with a toddler and a baby, even with hubby’s help. 
Hubby is insisting that we should invest in a trailer tent so that we can have a few short breaks with the kids and the dogs. Personally though, I’m not so sure. If we could afford a camper van, it would be a no-brainer, that would definitely be my holiday of choice. We could go away whenever we wanted, taking everyone with us. I think even the cat would jump at the chance to have a week away in a camper van with us and the dogs, although I think hubby might take some persuading to let Jamer cat come along. My first camper van trip would be to Scotland, looking to go further afield into Europe as the children get older. 
In the absence of a van though, we are looking at other options. I have always fancied a cruise, but I’ve never been quite sure whether it would be appropriate for young children. After a bit of research though, I think it might be. I wouldn’t embark on a huge cruise initially, but Mini Cruises like those offered by Fred Olsen would be a great start. They cater for children, and starting off with something like this would allow us to check whether it was something we all enjoyed before forking out for a long holiday. 
I always worry about what we’d do with the dogs and cat if we went away without them, but I’d be happy to get a pet sitter for a few days, probably a friend or family member. I hate the idea of putting them in kennels. If we do take them, I’d like to just get a nice self-catering holiday cottage by the beach for this year. We could do lots of walking and relax with a nice glass of something in the evenings. Bliss. Although I do wonder if I could persuade hubby to let the cat come with us too, it looks like Lia is getting quite attached to her! 
N.B. I will be given a small gift for writing this post, but featured views, opinions, holiday plans, pets and children are all mine. Please also note, the cat always had a flat face, the baby hasn’t really punched her. 

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