What are you getting for dad?

As one of 5 siblings, the phrase “what are you getting for dad” is one of the most overused sentences in our family. Christmas, birthdays and Father’s day, none of us can ever decide what to buy him. He doesn’t need anything and therefore he doesn’t want anything. He is also honest to a fault, so if we get something he doesn’t like, he will make it very clear what he thinks about us wasting our money on that.
So, I got to thinking. We can’t be the only ones with very little imagination and a dad who has everything. I’ve never done a linky on my blog before, but I thought that now might be a good time to start. I’ve got a list of 10 ideas for “dad gifts”. Not all of them are suitable for my dad, some of them we’ve already bought him. But with my 10 ideas, if just 9 other people link up, we’ve got a total of 100 ideas. Surely, from a list of 100 ideas, there’s something for even the most fussy of dads? If you’d like to join in, just write your 10 ideas into a blog post and add yourself to the linky below. So, I’ll start:  

  1. Personalised poster. This is a lovely idea because the words are your own. There are six lines available that you can personalise. If your dad is the sentimental type, he will absolutely love it. I’m particularly thinking of some fellow bloggers who write amazing poetry, what a lovely thing to give to your dad. 
  2. Games console controller. This is one for the modern dads who love to spend their evenings on their games consoles but struggle to find the perfect controller. 
  3. A DAB radio. I think this one might be heading my dad’s way this father’s day. A modern gadget that is simple enough for a very un-modern man like my dad to use. Fantastic. 
  4. Lunch at a luxury hotel. Some restaurants do a special father’s day lunch. I think this is a fabulous idea. It’s something I haven’t noticed before, many places do a mother’s day lunch but father’s day seems to be somewhat missed sometimes. Even my dad would enjoy a nice meal out with the family. 
  5. Picnic with all the family. If buying lunch for dad is a bit outside of your budget, how about something you can make yourself? Everyone enjoys a picnic and most dads would love a day out with the family with all their favourite things for lunch, lovingly prepared by their offspring.
  6. A personalised gift hamper. This is what we did for our dad for Christmas. Between the 5 of us, we managed to scrape together £100. We chose all of the things that we knew dad would love from his favourite shops. For our dad, it was all food and drink. It kept him going for ages and he loved the thought that had gone into it.
  7. A winery tour. These days there are many delicious wines produced in the UK. My dad is a bit of a traditionalist and he doesn’t seem convinced that we have the climate to make good wine. I’m thinking of arranging for him to go on a winery tour in the hope that the wine tasting at the end will convince him otherwise!
  8. A round of golf. This is what I got for dad last year. I was hoping he would be able to take my younger brother along, but the voucher I got him was for over 18’s only. So dad and his friend went for a day out and a round of golf. They both loved it.
  9. Family photo. A few years ago, we got a large canvas done of the whole family for my dad. He really appreciated it. A great gift for the man who has everything.
  10. College course. This is a slightly more unusual idea, but there are lots of great courses at local colleges. I know that my dad would love to do a course in violin making. 
I hope that one of these ideas might help you out, I’d love to see yours! 

Disclaimer- this is a sponsored blog post but the views, opinions, dad who has everything and inordinate number of siblings are all mine. 


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