Caring for an elderly dog

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Many years ago, I was working shifts and often had days off during the week. I spent a lot of time on my own, which wasn’t a problem to me but I realised that I could be putting my time to rather better use. So, I went along to my local dog shelter and started to walk the dogs there on my days off.

My (now) husband agreed that this was a good idea, but he was adamant that I had to stay strong and leave the dogs there at the end of the day. I kept my side of the bargain and much as I would often fall in love with a particular pooch, we remained a one dog family.

Eventually though, we found that we were often both working on the same days and our dog, Soxa, was spending a lot of her time alone. The time had come to get her a friend. We both agreed that we needed a dog that wouldn’t bully Soxa, who was a naturally submissive dog. So we thought a puppy might be appropriate.

It wasn’t long before a lurcher puppy arrived at the shelter. My husband and I went down to have a look at it and see if we thought it would get along well with Soxa. By the time we got there, the puppy had already been reserved by another family and should that fall through, there was a waiting list of other people that wanted it.

Much as I was certain that we needed the right dog for Soxa, I wasn’t convinced that getting a puppy was the right thing to do. So we had a look at some of the older dogs and there was another lurcher there. They estimated him to be between four and six years old and he was a gentle giant.

Sure enough, when we introduced him to Soxa, they got on like a house on fire straight away and we knew he was coming home with us. The day he arrived, he walked straight into the house, sat down on his bed and made himself comfortable. It was as if he’d always been there.

caring for an elderly dog


Sadly Soxa has since passed away and Bubbles has joined our family along with Pluto. As a rescue dog, we have no idea how old Pluto is but we think he’s probably about 12 now. He is still remarkably sprightly for his age and can give Bubbles a run for her money in any game or race.

But unsurprisingly, his tastes have changed. Gone are the days when he would eat anything and his favourite present was a toy or ball. These days, it’s all about relaxation for Pluto. I still love to spoil him, but it’s difficult to decide what to buy.

That’s why this month’s subscription box from Wagglepets was perfect for him. Not only did he get his usual month’s supply of senior dog food, but in their monthly box of presents was the perfect surprise for an elderly dog.

Caring for an Elderly dog

Along with his treats, dentastix, flea treatment and poo bags was a dog blanket. Pluto couldn’t be happier. Now every night when he settles down in his bed on the landing with Bubbles, Pluto likes me to tuck  him in under his blanket. He’s usually still under it when we get up in the morning.  Are you caring for an elderly dog? What makes your dog tick now they’re getting on a bit?
Caring for an elderly dogPlease note, I am an ambassador for Wagglepets, you can obtain a discount off your first box using code NATALIE50 at the checkout.  However all views, opinions and spoilt elderly dogs are my own.



  1. January 30, 2016 / 9:45 pm

    Lovely 🙂 Our childhood dog Molly was a rescue, probably Jack Russel mixed with Staffie, and of indeterminate age when we got her, but we think about 18 by the time she passed on. She used to live for ‘sausage night’, could even say ‘sausage’ and ‘night night’. She finally died on sausage night, after eating her beloved treat. My folks always said she would have hung on another couple of days if she had needed to wait for that sausage.

  2. February 7, 2016 / 6:42 am

    Hi Natalie, our German Shepherd is twelve and getting a bit rickety, but since putting her on a medication for her hips she has perked right up and has started chasing and lumoxing around with the little dogs again. She does have special food for senior dogs and since our other old dog passed away she has a double cushion to lie on (and a whole sofa when the lights are out – she thinks we don’t know).

    A Wagglepets subscription box sounds the perfect way to spoil a dog of any age.


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