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Interviews With Pets Chapter 2 – Leia’s Story

After the resounding success of Pico’s Story last week, my Interviews With Pets series is back with another feline. Leia is Donna’s cat from What The Redhead Said. I am a huge fan of Donna’s blog and she has featured previously on my Inspirational Parents series. So it seems only right that we hear the insider gossip on Donna from her buddy Leia.Interviews With Pets Chapter 2 - Leia's Story

1. What’s your name, what sort of animal are you and what makes you a brilliant pet?

My name’s Leia and I’m a black cat. Not any special kind of cat, just a pretty ordinary cat but I am most certainly a brilliant pet. Why? Because I’m always there. I’m waiting at the window when my family come home, I’m the first to say good morning and I even sit and keep them company whilst they have dinner – watching all that food on their plates.

2. Tell me about the person or family who live with you

I live with my Mummy and Daddy and the two noisy ones who think I’m their sister. I feel more like another parent though really, always watching over them. They’re a nice bunch, they give me lots of cuddles and remember to feed me when I miaow enough.

3. Pets always choose their families for a reason so what do you love about yours?

I love that they let me occupy their space. I like to sleep under their arms whilst they watch TV, across their chests or even on top of their heads. They don’t seem to mind. They’re very accommodating.

4. Try as we might to find the perfect family, they never live up to our expectations. What do yours do that drive you mad?

My family forget how much I love to sleep on their beds and they always close the downstairs door each night, forgetting that I might want to keep them company overnight too. They also send me off on holidays every so often, to a place they call a Cat-A-Ree. I’d rather be at home with them but I always know they’ll take me home again.Interviews With Pets Chapter 2 - Leia's Story

5. What do your family love the most about you?

They all seem to love how little I am. They think I’m still a kitten but I’m ten now, a proper grown up cat. Not quite senior though! Everyone says I’m cute and they love to tickle my tummy. They also love finding me asleep on their beds when I’ve snuck up there when everyone’s at those places they go to every day. Work?!

6. What do your family do that they’re really proud of?

My family seem to be happy just at the realisation they have got through another day. Survival, apparently. But, they’re also proud of our home. It’s not a bad place to live. It has comfy sofas to lay on, doors to miaow at so they know I want to go through them, food. Yes, it has lots of food. I think I’m quite proud of our home too.

7. What do your family do that make you proud of them?

They look after me. Being responsible for someone else is quite a big task and I’m proud of them for feeding me, remembering to put that yucky flea stuff on me, taking me to the animal doctor when I’m not very well and giving me cuddles. The cuddles are the best bit.Interviews With Pets Chapter 2 - Leia's Story

8. How can humans resolve the tragic truth that so many pets are unwanted or mistreated?

Pets are unwanted? Am I unwanted? I don’t feel unwanted. I’m not mistreated either – apart from when the noisy ones try and dress me up. That is complete injustice. But, humans should only get pets if they have the space for them, the food and things that they need, the time to look after them and spare love too.

9. It is said that pets don’t live as long as humans because they don’t have as much to learn. What words of advice do you have that humans could learn from?

Humans need to spend less time on the unnecessary things. Why do they wear clothes? Have showers? Use those funny metal things to eat with? It’s all just a waste of time and resources. Humans, do what a cat would do. Cats are good, be like cats.

10. What are the little things that make your family one in a million? 

They always remember my Birthday. They hang up a stocking each Christmas from Santa Paws and they have given me extra cuddles every day since my brother went away. I know I annoy them sometimes but they don’t seem to mind.Interviews With Pets Chapter 2 - Leia's Story



  1. October 31, 2016 / 8:56 am

    This is lovely! Strangely my husband and I were talking only yesterday about whether cats would make good pets – the kids think they would, we didn’t think they would! But this might have changed my mind just a little bit!

  2. October 31, 2016 / 10:14 am

    Another bonkers post in the best possible way, hilarious but also really rather sweet 🙂

    Stevie x

  3. October 31, 2016 / 6:23 pm

    Ah thanks for having Leia in the hot seat – she loved taking part! x

  4. November 1, 2016 / 3:50 pm

    Ok, so it sounds like Donna isn’t too much of a handful to live with! Sounds like Leia is well loved and this is actually really lovely x

  5. November 2, 2016 / 10:28 pm

    Aw I loved this, I love cats so love hearing about other people’s too! She sounds like a lovely cat. Very funny to read too. xx

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