Pluto to the Palace

Last year during the pathetic washed out excuse for a British summer, some Japanese students came to stay with us. Keen to show them the best of the British countryside and culture, we headed for nearby Eastnor Castle.

It wasn’t until we arrived that we realised that Eastnor allowed dogs not only into their grounds, but also into the Castle itself. Since that day, I’ve started to look online at wherever we want to go out for the day to see if they allow dogs. I’ve been so surprised at the places that do! 

If you have a pet dog, I’m a firm believer that they are part of the family. Dogs become distressed if left alone for long periods of time so when going out for the day, I always think it’s sensible to take the dogs with you where possible. Of course they should never be left in the car though, especially in hot weather. More information about how to keep your dog happy and healthy can be found here

Over the past few years we’ve taken our dogs on all sorts of days out. Here are a few of my favourites:


  • Stately homes, palaces and castles. Locally to us, Eastnor Castle, Blenheim Palace and Croome Court all allow dogs to visit. The latter two both have some restrictions on where they can go within the grounds. The National Trust have quite a lot of places that welcome dogs, but don’t forget that other places often do too.

  • Farm Parks- Many farm parks will allow dogs to have a wander around with you. Our dogs aren’t wonderful with other dogs or cats, but they’re perfectly fine when face to face with a pig or a goat.

  • Zoos- My personal favourite day out with the dogs was to the Cotswold Wildlife Park. Pluto’s expression when face to face with a lion was only bettered by the shock Soxa displayed when she saw an armadillo.

  • Museums- a select few museums will welcome dogs. It’s always worth checking with them before you go.

  • Canoeing- pick up a canine life jacket and your dog can either go in the canoe with you (if it’s a Canadian type) or, if you really want to do it in style, your dog could be towed along behind you in their own boat, as demonstrated by Captain Soxa!
  • Canal Boat- Many hirers will allow you to take your dog along on a day out. We went even further and hired a boat for the week. The dogs loved their holiday!




Disclaimer- this post is sponsored, but views, recommendations, photographs, dogs, life jackets, boats and armadillos are all mine. (Ok, maybe not the armadillo!)

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