Pluto’s special day

You’ve probably read my sorry tale of woe about being a rescue dog. My life before I was recruited into team Plutonium Sox wasn’t much fun at all and I don’t like to talk about it. 

These days, I have a great life. The only thing I’ve never had though, is a birthday. Mainly because nobody really knows when it is, including me. 

I’ve never really minded, but I see all the fun people have on their birthdays and I do get a little bit jealous. And I think mum must have finally realised, because I think today was my special day. 

It was a lovely sunny day, and mum took me for a walk around the fields with the baby and the toddler. I was allowed to run around off the lead because there were no other dogs around.

Best of all though, when we came back from our walk the postman had left a big parcel. The postman often brings things to the house, but they’re never very exciting.

This one was different, because I was allowed to open it with the baby and the toddler. And to my surprise, it was for me! The box said something on it, my reading isn’t great but I think it says, “Happy Birthday Pluto.”

2015-02-04 12.54.24

2015-02-04 12.57.01

When we took everything out of the box, I realised that it was definitely my birthday. I’ve got a brand new Anti-Gulping Dog Bowl to stop me from eating too quickly and getting indigestion. 

2015-02-04 12.58.40

I’ve also got some really tasty Almo Nature Dog Food. I always have dry dog food but I’m allowed to mix this tasty treat with it. My mum likes this food because it’s cruelty free and eco friendly.

2015-02-04 12.58.12

I like it because it’s made with natural ingredients and added vitamins so it’s tasty and gives me lots of energy. Which is a good job really, because mum took me for a run on the hills this afternoon.

I think she thought I’d like a run but I wasn’t really in the mood. It was nice to be out for the second time on my special day, but I just wanted to stroll along and sniff at everything so mum didn’t manage to have a very fast run.

Anyway, back to the box. You may notice that I slightly lost interest in it after taking out my tasty food. You see, there had been a horrible mistake.

Someone had put in some James Wellbeloved Cat Food. Cat food I tell you, on my birthday! Anyway, apparently this cat food is all natural and lovely as well, blah blah blah. Who cares? It’s just a cat. 

But she doesn’t bother me so I suppose she is entitled to eat. And she enjoyed this food, I know because she didn’t start chasing mum around the house when it went in her bowl, she goes a bit crazy if she doesn’t like her food. 

2015-02-04 12.59.08

So as you can see, I’ve had a lovely birthday. I’m remembering this date for next year, please put it in your calendar because I still haven’t received a card, so I’d be grateful if you could see your way to sending one to me. 

I’ll leave you with my favourite recent photo of me. I know, I’m such a handsome boy. 

Photo Courtesy of Melanie Chadd Photography
Photo Courtesy of Melanie Chadd Photography

Please note, the Online Pet Shop, the go-to place for Online Pet Supplies were kind enough to provide all of Pluto and Jamer’s goodies free of charge. Shhh, don’t tell Pluto! I think he’s rather enjoyed having a birthday! Of course, all views, opinions and birthdays belonged entirely to Pluto with a small contribution from Jamer.  



  1. February 4, 2015 / 10:30 pm

    Lovely presents Pluto, you’re so kind to share your parcel with the cat! Stella has a birthday *and* a Gotcha Day which is the date I re-homed her. Maybe you could have that anniversary too? X

    • monsterid February 4, 2015 / 10:33 pm

      Ah thank you Lisa, that’s such a good idea. Pluto is very keen on having two special days!x

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