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This is a puppy takeover

Ahem. Testing, testing 1, 2, 1… oh, there you are. Shh, they don’t know I’m here. It’s me. No I’m over here. No, not in the tree, in the grass. Ok, I’ll show myself for a second. 

2015-05-31 17.15.39

There. It’s me, Bubbles. You ain’t seen me, right? 

Anyway, I’ve got to be quick before they catch me. I know you read all about me when the writer told you that one more family member had arrived. 

Yes, yes I know you thought they were going to say they’d decided to have a baby but no, just little old me. 

So when I moved in and realised I’d been introduced, I thought I’d made it. I was pretty sure I’d probably have a regular spot. Daily probably, what with being the cutest and all that. 

But since then?




No flipping sign of me! 

So, I thought I’d come and tell you my story myself. 

Once upon a time, not so very long ago (about 7 months actually) a tiny little puppy was born. 

After a few weeks, I went to live with a gentleman. He was ok, but he went to work A LOT. 

He left me on my own and I was bored. But don’t worry, I put my time to good use as every puppy does. 

I started to chew one of every pair of shoes he owned. He must have been VERY pleased with me, because it wasn’t long before I went to live with somebody else. 

They were a lovely couple. They were at home a lot more than he used to be and I had two big dogs to play with. 

I carried on with my chewing mission, and I think the lovely couple were pleased with me as well. Before long, I was on the move again. 

This time, I arrived here. The writer, the baby and the toddler are almost always here. When they’re not, my friend Pluto looks after me.

Between you and me, I’d rather like to stay here actually. 

Pluto is a good player. He’s really, really fast but I usually catch him. After all, I’ve got youth and enthusiasm on my side. 

2015-06-01 07.10.50Oh yeah, and there’s Jamer. 

She’s ok. I’d never seen a cat before I came here, do they all look this odd? Anyway, I think she plays by batting people with her paw. 

I tried batting her back with my paw, but she wasn’t very happy. Well ok, she tried to kill me (I’m fine, don’t panic). 

So, that’s my story. It’s only short, but I’ve only been around for a few months. 

Don’t worry, I’ll be back though. If they won’t write about me I’ll write for myself. 

Oh, and if you need me I’ll be under the decking. I’ve taken Noddy hostage. I won’t hurt him but he’s my favourite cuddler and I heard mention of “decluttering” and charity shops. 

Shhh, they’re coming. Not a word or I’ll kidnap you too. 



  1. Izzie Anderton
    June 4, 2015 / 5:40 pm

    How lovely to hear from the latest addition to the family. Sounds as though you’ve landed in a very nice home with so many great companions to keep you out of mischief.

    • June 4, 2015 / 6:50 pm

      Thank you Izzie, she is very happy here and it was definitely the right move taking on another dog.xx

  2. June 5, 2015 / 12:22 pm

    Absolutely wonderful! What a great new addition. Doggies are so much fun! Lovely photos. Sounds like the perfect new home x

    • June 5, 2015 / 1:11 pm

      Thank you Bek, she’s doing so well.x

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