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As a mother to a toddler with another baby on the way, it may seem a little odd that I named my blog not after my beloved children, but after my dogs. 

The Pet Health Info website recently published a study by the National Office of Animal Health that revealed that 90% of pet owners say that owning a pet makes us happier. Personally, I can only wonder what on earth the other 10% of pet owners were thinking. When I was growing up, we always had a cat. We unfortunately lost our own cat last year but we will definitely be getting another one soon – a rescue cat of course. As for Libby, she is lucky enough to be growing up around our two dogs, Pluto and Soxa. The benefits to her of growing up around dogs are just immeasurable. As you can see, Libby was much loved by the dogs right from birth… 

My gentle lurcher, Pluto is an incredibly soft, cuddly boy who loves fuss and attention. He can run like the wind and adores everyone in the family, especially our old staffie cross, Soxa. Pluto was rescued from a local animal shelter a few years ago. He had been found abandoned, starving, emaciated and frightened. He spent weeks cowering in the corner of a pen and had to have an operation to remove a piece of wood from his stomach, which it appeared that he had been hit with. He was also covered in scars and the shelter thought that he had been tied up and used as a bait dog for smaller dogs to attack. Understandably he is still frightened of other dogs and he is particularly protective of Libby, always watching her when we are out to make sure nobody hurts her, especially other dogs. Incredibly though, he has no other ill effects from his terrible treatment, which is a testament to his amazing temperament. 

Pluto and Soxa get along like a house on fire as you can see… 

Despite their love for each other though, they really are very different dogs. Pluto’s gentle approach to everything can be contrasted with Soxa’s bull in a china shop approach to life in general. She is a typical staffie who, whatever happens to her, just loves life. Soxa was also a rescue dog, but my husband rescued her as a tiny puppy. She had been abandoned when she was small enough to fit on his hand. Since then, there really hasn’t been a dull moment for Soxa. She is accident prone, over enthusiastic and full of energy despite being over 13 years old. She has been on many adventures and takes each one in her stride. Only a couple of years ago, Soxa entered the waggiest tail in Worcestershire competition at a local dog show. She was the only entrant who wasn’t a puppy and still took the first prize rosette paws down. 

Much as I hate to admit it, I know that both of our dogs are getting old now and we probably haven’t got that many years left with them. We make the most of them every day, Libby walks further than any other toddler I know because of the daily dog walks. I’m sure that this is why she eats and sleeps so well. There are so many benefits to children of growing up with pets that we will never be without one. I can also whole heartedly recommend rescue dogs to anyone, they have so much love to give and there is no danger of supporting the cruel puppy farm trade when you adopt a pet. 

This is an entry for the ‘I heart my pet 2014’ blogger competition. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my post, and if one person reads this and decides to adopt a shelter pet as a result, then my work here is done. 




  1. Marianne Hopwood
    February 8, 2014 / 10:08 pm

    This is lovely Natalie, what lucky dogs to have found you, and lucky you to have them. Rescue pets come in all shapes and sizes – people never seem to think of rehoming rodents, so I’m glad that Pets at Home have animals for rehoming in their stores now. Our latest addition, a chocolate-coloured Syrian hamster needed a new home because she was ‘aggressive’ but she’s been good as gold with us – I think she’s blind and was probably biting out of fear when unexpectedly picked up.

  2. Natalie Ray
    February 9, 2014 / 10:05 am

    Aw I noticed on your facebook that you had a new hamster Maz. She’s very lucky to have found someone who understands why she was scared. I had no idea that Pets at Home had animals for rehoming now, I’ll let my sister know, she wants to rehome a guinea pig. I think it’s great that they do that, much more respect for them as a pet store now. We’re hoping to get a shelter cat over the next couple of weeks, need to find one that will be ok with dogs but they’ve lived with a cat before. I just hate not having a cat around the house, can’t wait to have one again.x

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