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100 ideas to prevent boredom in the Summer holidays

As parents, we spend most of the year looking forward to the Summer holidays. And yet, dreading them in equal measure. The positive is six weeks spending time with our beloved offspring. The negative is six weeks spending time with our beloved offspring. So, with the help of my four and six year old, here are 100 ideas to keep children busy this Summer. We might write each one on a piece of paper and pick one at random when the girls are bored. They’ll enjoy some more than others! At home – indoor summer holidays play 1. Make Christmas…

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An Easter soft play treat

It’s rather odd I think, as a parent to two pre-school age children, that I always wonder what we’re going to do with ourselves during the Easter holidays.  During term time, it’s so easy to know what to do with the girls. There is an activity going on every day, then various other things come up for a break from our usual routine.  In the Easter holidays though, all their little activities stop. I have to keep them busy in the mornings so that they sleep in the afternoon, otherwise my work time goes out of the window.  Our default…

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Pre-school half term

Odd though it may seem, I never really realised that half term was a thing before children went to school. But pre-school half term is definitely a thing, we checked.  We have our little routines each day. We are busy every morning with activities we’ve been doing since Libby was tiny. Singing groups, playgroup, ballet and a morning a week at nursery for Libby. She also goes to my mum’s one morning a week while I take Lia to sing and sign.  This week though, everything has been different. Despite the lack of our normal routine, we’ve been hugely busy.…

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