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10 tips to relieve the symptoms of chickenpox

This is a collaborative post. It’s chickenpox season. The schools have started back and the germs are making their way around. Luckily, my two have already had chickenpox so hopefully they won’t have it again. But I thought I’d share my tips on what worked for us. Above all though, remember that this too shall pass. Because chickenpox is rubbish, but it will soon be over. Here are a few things to help you on your way. 1. Don’t use ibruprofen Seeing children in distress, in pain or itching is horrible. Naturally, you’ll want to help them. But according to…

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Thursday Photo #99

Since the weekend, we have been back in quarantine with chickenpox. Libby seems to have an amazing knack of timing her illnesses so she doesn’t miss out on anything. Last Thursday we had a lovely lunch at Resorts World Birmingham, Friday was another fabulous day out at the opening of the Drayton Manor Tamarin Trail. Saturday was a bit more chilled, followed by lunch with my husband’s family on Sunday. Then on Monday, the dreaded (but much anticipated) spots appeared. Neither of the girls have been particularly ill with chickenpox, predominantly due to the itching being largely controlled by rhus tox tablets.…

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