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Win a personalised Christmas eve box from prezzybox

It’s late afternoon on Christmas eve and the magic is building. Children run around the house, struggling to contain their excitement. Suddenly, one of them notices something. A wooden box, tucked under the Christmas tree among beautifully decorated gifts. Prolonging the magic with a Christmas eve box I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found Christmas to be a little bit of an anticlimax. The run-up to it is so exciting. Christmas days out, visits to friends and family and presents gathering under the tree. And then the day itself arrives and there’s a frenzy of wrapping paper, too…

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Our Thursday photo #85

As usual, the past week has been chaos. We’re still playing catch up a bit in terms of finances since the time off I had to take after my husband’s accident. This has meant that I haven’t managed to take time off work over Christmas. I do love being freelance and working from home is the best decision I ever made, but times like this make me realise that it’s far from the easy way out. That said, I’ve made it to all of the children’s parties, events and plays and we’ve had amazing days out together that I never…

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