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Christmas gift ideas for book lovers

Book lovers are my favourite people to buy Christmas gifts for. Books are also my favourite gift to receive. If you’re buying for someone you know well, it’s a gift you can put a lot of thought into. Find out what they’ve already read, which genres they love and what sort of book they’re looking for next. You might just buy their new favourite book, or inspire them with the gift you choose. For adults Life Force: The Revolutionary 7-Step Plan For Optimum Energy by Susan Scott Life Force is a practical, interactive book to guide you to improved energy…

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Christmas gift ideas for active adults

By boxing day, most of us get to a point where we need to be active adults. Christmas indulgence gets the better of us and it’s time to get moving. So, some of these gifts are things we’ll use once we’ve recovered from Christmas. Others are based around active interests including hiking and sports. 100 Outstanding British Walks The Ordnance Survey Pathfinder Guide will help you find some of the best walks in Britain. I was pleased to see a couple of Malvern hills walks included. Divided into regions, this book tells you the difficulty of the walk, height gain,…

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