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The Isle of Wight with dogs

Our dogs have always been part of the family. At home, they’re always there. If we go for a day out, we take them with us if we can. So when we go on holiday, we actively look for places to go that the dogs can come along to as well. The Isle of Wight was one of the most dog friendly places we’ve been to. A camping holiday in the Isle of Wight For us, a holiday is all about being out and about in the fresh air so camping is the natural choice. Of course, this means that…

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It bothers me that children spend too much time in front of screens and I’ve often written about what positive role models my pets are for our children. So when I saw this video from the Dogs Trust #GetADog campaign, I instantly loved it. It’s less than a minute long and well worth a watch. Of course, getting a dog is a huge decision and not one to be taken lightly. It’s a lot of responsibility. It’s expensive. But so is an iPhone. The Dogs Trust have recently carried out a survey. Of those people who had a dog as a child, 93 per cent…

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