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Co-op Easter treats: Review & recipe

Much as I loved Easter as a child, it’s been a long time since I had an Easter egg of my own. My family don’t buy them, my husband and I don’t buy them for each other and his family just buy one for the children. So when Central England Co-Operative asked me to review a few items from their Easter range, I jumped at the chance. I have literally years of Easters to make up for. I chose two fabulous looking, huge Easter eggs. The first egg I chose was the Brushed Gold Milk Chocolate Egg with Dark Chocolate…

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Easter chocolate brownies

Yesterday morning, hubby made a start on our bathroom upgrade so I had the morning with the girls. This is pretty rare for me at the weekend, because I’m usually working.  So we made the most of the time and baked some chocolate brownies. I love baking but rarely have time to do it. I have to admit though, my brownies are pretty good. Even better with a little help it seems.  So, here is our (very simple) recipe.  You will need:  250g butter 200g fairtrade chocolate. We like them really chocolatey, so we used 85% cocoa dark chocolate. This…

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Easter craft for toddlers

I very rarely blog about crafts I do with my children, it’s just not that sort of blog. To be honest, I’m not that sort of mum. But Libby does love craft, and I feel guilty that because I’m so bad at art myself, I rarely do anything with her. I’m feeling particularly guilty at the moment, because she is getting on so well with drawing and writing since getting her glasses. So, against my better judgement, we embarked on an Easter craft project. It’s gone remarkably well so I thought I’d share both the process and the results. Making an Easter…

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