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Our Thursday Photo #51

This week has been rather a busy one, even by my standards. Work has got a bit out of hand and I’ve found myself battling to keep up with it all.  Despite this, we’ve managed to fit in our usual activities and a few extra ones and the girls have had a great week.  The highlight for Libby was going to see her friend at one of her favourite places, Cob House near Worcester. They have a few farm animals there including some reindeer and alpacas.  There are just enough animals for all of them to be exciting to see…

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Our Thursday Photo #49

I’ve been thinking a lot this week, as I often do, about doing the right thing.  It’s something I’ve got a real bee in my bonnet about at the moment, because I always feel like I’m fighting a losing battle. There is always someone with something negative to say, however hard I try.  Whilst I tend to consider this predominantly in regard to myself, I also notice it in regard to people who are close to me.  An example over the past couple of weeks was when a friend of mine performed a random act of kindness.  Mel is a…

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Our Thursday Photo #48

This week has been fabulous yet somewhat chaotic.  As you may have noticed, we’ve been pretty much incommunicado over the Easter weekend. We went camping for a few days to Parkers Farm in Devon.   This is the sort of campsite that hubby and I would have been horrified by pre-children. It’s buzzing with activity with play parks dotted throughout the site and a family and dog friendly bar and restaurant.  It is a sign of how things have changed that these days, Parkers Farm is everything we look for in a camp site.  There are numerous farm animals that you can go…

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