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Unwanted at Christmas

The smell drifted from the brightly decorated living room, across the garden and into Fred’s hutch. With a jolt, she suddenly realised the significance of all the lights, music and laughter. It was Christmas Eve. The one night of the year when the children always brought Fred indoors. And yet here she was in her cold, dark hutch gazing wistfully upon the festivities inside. The first Christmas Eve, Fred was just a baby. The novelty of a new pet still hadn’t worn off and the children had bounded over to her hutch as soon as they arrived home from school.…

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The Empty Seat

The middle-aged lady sat in the living room of her upmarket apartment and tapped her fingers on the glass coffee table. She looked at the empty seat again. The police officer was late. In fact he was so late he clearly wasn’t going to bother coming. It was nearly a week now since her car accident and still nothing had been done. Seething, she picked up her mobile phone, its screen still cracked from the impact. Looking at it just made her more cross. She dialled the Sergeant’s number. She was going to make a complaint, she’d get the lazy waste…

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The unpaid invoice

His hot coffee in the nasty takeaway cup was starting to burn his hand as he reached his desk. He plonked the steaming drink onto a tattered piece of paper that somebody had dumped next to his computer. The accountant stared absentmindedly at the steam meandering through the small hole in the black plastic lid. He reached out to remove the lid from the cup. He hated how the scorching heat of black coffee singed his lips when he sucked it through the minuscule hole. He swore as the lid stuck to the cup and the whole container of boiling…

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