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Reducing Christmas stress with McAfee

Advertorial post.  How do you cope with the financial stress of Christmas? I don’t mind admitting that it’s always a big deal for us. We tend to live month to month, so finding an extra few hundred pounds for gifts is really tough. Thankfully, we do secret Santa with my family which saves a fortune. But that doesn’t detract from the balancing act of avoiding over-stretching ourselves, making sure we don’t offend anyone and ensuring the children have a good Christmas. The risk of financial stress According to Mcafee spokesperson Raj Samani, a whopping 75 per cent of Brits say…

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Connected devices and online security

This is a collaborative post.  We all know that familiar sinking feeling. When the laptop that doubles as a lifeline starts to play up. Slowing down, becoming unreliable. It starts to crash frequently and then one day, nothing. You can’t switch it on, a virus has wiped the data and thrown you out. Sometimes it’s reversible, but not always. Online security of connected devices Did you know that, just like computers, connected devices are vulnerable to security attacks? According to a recent survey by McAffee, 45% of people in the UK will be gifting tech gadgets this Christmas. 22% will…

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