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Easter craft for toddlers

I very rarely blog about crafts I do with my children, it’s just not that sort of blog. To be honest, I’m not that sort of mum. But Libby does love craft, and I feel guilty that because I’m so bad at art myself, I rarely do anything with her. I’m feeling particularly guilty at the moment, because she is getting on so well with drawing and writing since getting her glasses. So, against my better judgement, we embarked on an Easter craft project. It’s gone remarkably well so I thought I’d share both the process and the results. Making an Easter…

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Our Thursday photo #44

This evening when he got home from work, hubby took the girls to the shop to buy me something for mother’s day. This sounded promising, after all it could only be an improvement on last year, when I received this for mother’s day.  Hubby was quick to point out that it’s the thought that counts, but I’m pretty sure not a lot of thought went into this.  Anyway, fast forward to this evening, and things are looking up somewhat, since Libby came home from the shop and announced that she’d bought me some flowers, “But I’m not allowed to tell…

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Our Thursday Photo #40

Ah 40 weeks. I knew there was something that rang a bell about that number. Apparently it’s how long a pregnancy is supposed to last. Not so for me, I was induced both times. So I should be able to tell you that Lia has now been out as long as she was in. But not just yet, give me another couple of weeks. But I’m not bitter.  So, Lia’s 40th week could only possibly be classed as busy. I’ve had quite a bit of work on for a while now, but this is the first time I’ve had so much on that…

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