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Our Thursday Photo #47

As you may have noticed from my blog post yesterday, I’m doing my best to lead by example to teach my children positivity.  I’d love to bring you a positive post today to say how well it’s going. But the fact is, it isn’t.  We sat down to dinner yesterday and the conversation turned to what Libby wanted to do when she gets older.  Libby is already desperate to be in a position to get a job. We have several family members who work in a local pub, so she thinks she’ll probably work there.  This is partly because she…

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Our Thursday Photo #46

Over the past few weeks, I have been writing a few blog posts that are rather more controversial than my usual drivel about our mundane lives.  It has been fabulous to get some positive reactions to my these posts, and even better to notice that more people are reading my blog and taking the time to comment.  And yet, it is a relief to reach Thursday and revert to my usual nonsense about our week. I love the way that our Thursday photos are shaping up into a record of the girls growing up and I can’t wait to print them off…

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Our Thursday Photo #43

This week, for some reason things seem to have fallen into place.  Lia has been sleeping a lot better for a while now, but I hadn’t really managed to make the most of it and get my own life in order. I was still working until around 2 am most nights, sometimes even later.  So, towards the end of last week I decided to cut down on my work for a few days. I didn’t stop completely, but took on notably less for four days. We didn’t go away or do anything in particular, I just got back into a…

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