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The role model

All children need role models. Some things can only be learned by example and you teach them better than I ever could.  You have gone through so much, more hardship than most of us could cope with in a lifetime. Yet you are so young in years and you’ve put it all behind you. You teach my children about hope.  They see you put the day’s problems to sleep with the setting sun and wake in the morning full of the joys of a new day. And in that day you live for the moment and make every minute count.…

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Letting my children down

I think that as parents, we all beat ourselves up about doing the best for our children. Sometimes, our best is all we can do but I know that for me, it will never be good enough. Here are the ways I’m letting my children down. Can you relate to any of them? I don’t pay enough attention to either child. I know that Lia suffers in particular, to such an extent that her development is notably behind where Libby’s was at the same age. By now, Libby could point to all her body parts, even her eyebrows. She was…

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