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Young children and screen time

This is a collaborative post. I’ve written before about how screen time impacts children’s behaviour. We bought an iPad around a year ago because I didn’t want Libby to be the only one who couldn’t use it when she started school. Prior to that, both girls would watch television and watch nursery rhymes on the computer. But neither of them could use devices themselves. Our screen time These days, the girls have a very limited amount of screen time. This is predominantly because they’re too busy doing other things. Now that the evenings are lighter, they go straight outside as soon…

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Our Thursday Photo #55

This week can only be described as trying.  When I thought I couldn’t possibly taken on any more work or responsibilities, a few more things were thrown at me. It’s a good job I learnt to juggle as a child, it is a life skill that’s serving me well.  Libby has been somewhat truculent. She didn’t seem very well earlier in the week, although with hindsight I think she was probably just tired from a busy weekend.  Because she didn’t seem quite herself, I let her have some time just relaxing on the sofa and watching nursery rhymes on the…

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