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My daughters you are enough

I know that when my children are older, speaking to them about the serious stuff will be tough. And there are a few things I want them to know that they might not want to hear. They’ll think I’m the worst mum in the world by then after all. So I’m writing it down now and I hope that one day they will read it. And grow up knowing that they are, and will always be, enough. You are equal We are all equal. Nobody is better or worse than you. Children at school may be more talented at a particular subject. You…

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No I’m not a pretty girl

This afternoon, Libby said the words that no parent to a little girl wants to hear. I brushed her hair, put a clip in it and put her glasses on before she went to the park. She asked me why I’d put a hair clip in and I said, “Because it looks lovely. You always look lovely and now your hair is nice and tidy as well. Shall I show you in the mirror?”  She nodded, so we went to the bathroom mirror.  She looked in the mirror and I said, “Look, what a pretty girl.” She said, “What a not-pretty…

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The drama queen

A few months ago, a friend of mine suggested a trip to the theatre. No, not a nice, peaceful, cultured evening out without the children. A trip to the theatre to watch amateur dramatics aimed at children, with our respective toddlers in tow.  Hellish, you might think. But surprisingly, Libby absolutely loved it. The only problem we had was a complete meltdown when the play finished (Libby, not me. I thought it was crap). So we’ve been going every month since then, and the novelty hasn’t worn off. Libby has always been shy, really shy. Whilst other children run around causing…

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