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Pik-Nik cheese sticks and dealing with mum guilt

Parenting is an eternal battle between doing your best and the guilt of feeling that it’s not enough. That doesn’t stop in the summer holidays, if anything it just gets worse. This week’s dilemma was whether to send Libby to holiday club when I didn’t need childcare. In the end, I handed the decision to her and asked her if she wanted to go. The answer was a resounding “yes, and can I have a packed lunch?” Thankfully, Pik-Nik cheese sticks were on hand to help out. Packed lunches with Pik-Nik cheese sticks Libby’s school is incredible in many ways,…

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ChewyMoon healthy snacks for children – review and giveaway

My children have always been quite good eaters. With a few exceptions, they tend to eat whatever I put in front of them at dinner time. In fact the only time they really struggle is when they’ve been eating sweets and junk food between meals. So there’s no problem then. Don’t feed them between meals and everything will be fine. Wrong! The snack dilemma The issue I have is that by mid afternoon when Lia gets up from a nap and Libby finishes school, they’re hungry.¬†They’re also tired, we usually have somewhere else to go before home and it’s a…

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