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10 things I learnt from Veganuary

This is a collaborative post. Having been vegetarian since childhood, I always wondered whether to go vegan. Eventually, I decided to take part in Veganuary. I started with some trepidation. Wouldn’t I miss eggs and cheese? Well as it turns out, I didn’t miss much at all. Here are the 10 things I learnt from Veganuary. It’s not that difficult I haven’t really felt that comfortable with the dairy industry for years. I stopped using milk because I didn’t like it, but struggled to cut down on cheese. Free range was a good compromise when it came to eggs. But the fact that chickens…

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8 tips for Veganuary success

When I posted about taking part in Veganuary, lots of people commented on social media to see if I had any tips. Unfortunately, I am totally winging it so I had nothing. Instead, I turned to fellow bloggers and experienced vegans to share their wisdom. Here are 8 top tips for Veganuary from those in the know. 1. Find a Veganuary milk alternative that you enjoy I haven’t been using ordinary milk since I completely went off it during my second pregnancy. Finding an alternative that you like can be a bit of a nightmare. I love hemp milk including…

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A flavourful evening at Natural Healthy Foods Birmingham

Last night, my sister and I headed into Birmingham for the media launch of a new vegan eatery in Birmingham. Natural healthy foods already had a shop in Digbeth stocking organic, gluten free, refined sugar free, vegan food. Their new flagship store near the mailbox has a small shop. But the main attraction is the incredible eatery. The Natural healthy foods buffet I have to admit, I love a buffet style restaurant. I like the fact you can try as many or as few things as you like and eat as much as you want. The only problem I find as a…

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