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The benefits of exercise for children

The benefits of exercise for children are indisputable. It enhances their physical and mental health and prevents obesity. It even helps their learning and concentration. And yet, a recent study conducted by the British Journal of Sports medicine found that children’s exercise levels were declining from the age of seven. How much exercise should children be doing? The NHS guidelines suggest that children under 5 years old shouldn’t be inactive for long periods. The only exception is when they’re asleep. This really surprised me. Especially because children start school at four years old, and from then on they spend a…

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The day we went for a run with Dame Jessica Ennis Hill

Blogging has offered me some amazing opportunities over the years, but this has to be the best. A few weeks ago, Vitality Move got in touch and asked if we’d like to train with Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill. Fast forward to Monday and there we were, huddled under a bridge in the pouring rain listening to Lia telling Jess not to run too fast in case she banged her chin. The Vitality Move Fitness and music Festival The Vitality Move Fitness and music Festival is taking place at two venues – Chatsworth House (9th July) and Windsor Great Park (17th September).…

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