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A Winter immune boost with BioCare

This is a collaborative post. Do you find that a certain time of year seems to bring illness whatever you do? For us, it’s usually September and November. As soon as the children go back to school, there are new bugs going around so it’s important to make sure our immune systems are as strong as possible. Winter immune boost Staying hydrated, wrapping up warm and getting enough sleep are all thought to help your immune system. Personally, I swear by open water swimming. But there are other ways to give you a boost too, including ensuring you get the…

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Keeping up the chaos with vitamins for children

The house was quiet first thing in the morning. The dog danced around on the wooden floor but there was a certain emptiness that was unusual for our chaotic home. For the first time ever, the children weren’t there. The joy of chaos That night, the girls had stayed with their granddad. I went about my day as normal. Working, walking the dogs and preparing for the afternoon. And before I knew it, they were back. We sprang into action. Running around the house getting ready. Shoes on, coat on and out of the door. Autumn makes me feel like…

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