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We need to talk about living the dream

It’s nearly midnight and I’m sat in front of my laptop. I’ve got a blog post to write, photos to take and social media to schedule. My phone pings and it’s a message from a friend. It kicks off yet another conversation about how I have the dream job. I work from home, I’m there for my children and the whole thing can be pretty exciting. But there are a few things you need to know about living the dream. It’s not a dream – it’s real life There’s no silver lining or fuzzy edges. My house is a tip and…

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Finding extra hours in the day

The main reason I chose to become self-employed was to allow me to be there for my family. I’ve worked hard to get to a point where I’m freelancing in roles that are both fulfilling and flexible. At the end of 2016 I finally felt like I’d got there and I was looking forward to getting into a routine in 2017. I’d decided that this year I’d be more organised with my blogging. I had a schedule, aims and objectives and I knew what I needed to do and when. But nothing ever goes quite to plan does it?  On New Year’s…

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Our Thursday Photo #43

This week, for some reason things seem to have fallen into place.  Lia has been sleeping a lot better for a while now, but I hadn’t really managed to make the most of it and get my own life in order. I was still working until around 2 am most nights, sometimes even later.  So, towards the end of last week I decided to cut down on my work for a few days. I didn’t stop completely, but took on notably less for four days. We didn’t go away or do anything in particular, I just got back into a…

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