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Our Thursday Photo #66

This was the week when Lia finally decided to start walking (excluding the four hours that she walked for last month). It was the week that a very cute panda waved her dad off to work. It was the week I made an amazing moisturiser, the latest in my home made skincare products. I heated a tablespoon of coconut butter and a tablespoon of cacao butter over a low heat until they turned to liquid. I left them to cool for about 20 minutes before adding a teaspoon of aloe vera gel and half a teaspoon of bentonite clay, mixing them…

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Our Thursday Photo #60

This week has mostly been about enjoying the sunshine. We are still in the throws of putting our house on the market and house hunting. Things have taken a little step forward this week for a few reasons. Firstly, we are now less certain that if we did stay here we’d have to use the local school. It seems that in the last round of school allocations, there were people locally who turned that school down and got allocated a place elsewhere. We are still waiting for more information on that, but suffice to say we feel a little less pressured…

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Our Thursday Photo #59

This week really has flown by, but in a good way I think. The most exciting development this week has been that Lia’s speech is really coming along. She probably only has a little over a dozen words still, but she’s really putting them to good use and making herself understood. This has changed the relationship between the girls again, because Libby is really getting something back from Lia now when they play together. Lia’s walking isn’t progressing quite so well. I took her to see the GP today because her left foot turns out quite dramatically when she walks.…

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