Bagging a bargain!

Today Libby and I were joined by my sister Emma for a morning of shopping. We were taking part in the Retail Royalty Challenge. 

Money Supermarket very generously gave us £30 to spend on a charity of our choice. We chose the Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter because that’s where we got Libby’s best friend Pluto from several years ago before Libby was born. 

Before we headed to the shops, I contacted a few stores both on the high street and online to see if they could offer us any special offers or discounts owing to the nature of the challenge we were doing. Unfortunately, some places didn’t respond and others declined so we headed into our local town to see what we could find. 

I went armed with a list of things that the shelter needed, which they helpfully display on their website. We had a look around the charity shops first, I thought they might have things like towels and animal bedding. We didn’t have any luck though, so off we went to trusty Wilko’s. I’ve always found Wilko’s cheap, particularly for pet food. They also often have great offers so it was the natural place to spend our £30. As you can see, the money went a long way… 

In the above photo, Libby is proudly showing off my top tip for pet owners; use nappy bags as dog pooh bags. These bags were 23p for a pack of 200. We bought 12 packs, so that’s a total of 2400 poohs picked up for £2.76. What a bargain! 

Another great bargain was the offer on these Felix Goody Bags of cat treats. The shelter are always running low on treats and these are great quality, my fussy cat used to love them. They were £2 for two bags, so we bought 4 bags of them for £4. 

I also particularly loved these play balls for cats. Most people realise that dogs like to play with toys but often people forget that cats like to as well. There are three balls in a pack and each pack cost £1.25 so we bought three packs. 

Another bargain (which I wish I’d known about when I still had my cat) was the cat litter. That was  on offer at just £1.26 for 8 litres so we bought two packs. 

We bought two 1kg bags of everyday value dog biscuits for £1.50 per pack. These are a nice size so they’re ideal for the shelter to use as treats. When I walk the dogs there, treats are always readily available to give to the dogs on their walks. This helps with obedience training and all the dogs love to have a treat.

The shelter also had non-biological washing powder on their list, so we bought a 1670g box of Fairy non-bio for £4. 

The final purchase was 4 packs of six Wilko Train tennis balls at £2.49 per pack. All the dogs love to play with a tennis ball, but they often chew them so the shelter get through a lot of them! I’m hoping that our 24 tennis balls will last them for a little while! 

In total, this came to £29.99. We took the supplies straight up to the shelter and I left them with the volunteer on reception. Helpfully, there was also a little pot on the reception desk for spare change, so I put the extra 1p in the pot to make sure that the shelter got the whole £30. 

We have had a lovely morning shopping and it’s great to know that it’s all going to such a worthy cause. Many thanks to Money Supermarket and to Wilko’s



  1. Marianne Hopwood
    July 29, 2013 / 7:14 pm

    What a lovely idea Nat 🙂 We used to always donate lots of tins of Lidls sardines at greyhound rescue events because they are so adored by the dogs and are one of the recommended foods for them 🙂

    • Natalie Ray
      July 29, 2013 / 11:23 pm

      That’s a good idea, I don’t think Pluto and Soxa have tried sardines, we might have to invest in some 🙂

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