Pre-school half term

Odd though it may seem, I never really realised that half term was a thing before children went to school. But pre-school half term is definitely a thing, we checked. 

We have our little routines each day. We are busy every morning with activities we’ve been doing since Libby was tiny. Singing groups, playgroup, ballet and a morning a week at nursery for Libby. She also goes to my mum’s one morning a week while I take Lia to sing and sign. 

This week though, everything has been different. Despite the lack of our normal routine, we’ve been hugely busy. Two eye hospital appointments, a morning painting pots and some nice walks with Pluto. 

We were also sent some Nutty Putty to try out. I love the idea of this, it’s like play-dough, but has a nicer, putty like texture and you can bake it if you make something you want to keep – it includes a baking sheet too. 

2015-02-19 10.21.26

Unfortunately, the samples were a bit small for Libby to make anything too impressive. I’m hoping this will improve once she’s got some glasses but at the moment, she struggles a bit with anything small and her concentration levels aren’t great. 

She did enjoy this though, and we will be persevering with it. I think it’s a great thing to do when her she gets her glasses, I’m hoping she’ll be able to concentrate better and realise how  much easier it is with her glasses on. 

We went to get the glasses fitted today, and chose a lovely pink pair with really light frames that Libby can’t wait to wear. It helped that we had to wait a few minutes and popped next door for a milkshake at the fabulous Mackenzie’s diner next door to the opticians. 

I was a bit disappointed that we weren’t in the market for lunch because they do great veggie and vegan bean burger. But the girls didn’t mind. 

2015-02-21 12.31.40

We’ve decided on a couple of unusual things to do for next week. Firstly, I’ve booked myself a few days of slightly less work than usual so that I can find time to do some exercise and be with the girls a bit more.

This doesn’t sound unusual until you realise that the last complete day off I had was when I was giving birth to Lia. 

Secondly, we’ve taken the decision that at some point over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to have a day where Libby decides what she wants to do. 

This may sound odd, because everything we do revolves around her. But we are always hurrying her along to get somewhere or do something, so we want to have a day where we just don’t bother and she can do as she pleases. 

I think that will be an interesting experiment and I’ll definitely be writing about the results, however disastrous they may be! 



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    Lovely post again

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