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Every day I read another amazing post telling me how to be a better blogger. Then I forget who wrote it and spend hours on Google trying to find it. So I thought I’d create a blogging resource for anyone who is looking for advice. These posts come from various different blogs in different niches but they’re all super helpful!

Blogging | The ultimate guide to writing a successful blog. So you're a blogger. You've set up a blog and you're blogging regularly. But what now? Whether you want to make money blogging, gain more readers, learn blogging hacks or make your blog website more beautiful, this ultimate blogging guide is for you. Compiled of hundreds of blog posts written by top bloggers who are experts in their field. Whatever your blogging question, you'll find the answer here.

I’ve grouped the posts into topics to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. At the top of the page is a list of all the topics so you can scroll down to whatever is relevant to you. If there’s something you can’t find or a post you’d like me to add, please get in touch!

  1. Starting a blog & general blogging tips – new bloggers start here!

  2. The technical side of blogging – includes links, terminology, plugins and tools

  3. The blogging community

  4. Reviews and giveaways

  5. Photography and images

  6. Blog design – includes layout and adding badges

  7. Keeping the post ideas flowing

  8. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  9. Tots 100 rankings (parent bloggers)

  10. Media kits

  11. Working from home – includes organisation and time management

  12. Increasing blog traffic

  13. Earning money from blogging

  14. Twitter

  15. Facebook

  16. Instagram

  17. Pinterest

  18. YouTube

  19. LinkedIn

  20. Klout

  21. Additional resources

1. Starting a blog & general blogging tips – new bloggers start here!

5 tips to help you start blogging – Plutonium Sox

Beginner tips for the new blogger – The Less Refined Mind

Top 5 tips for new bloggers – A Strong Coffee

Top 10 tips for new bloggers – The Diary of a Jewellery Lover

Things I wish I’d known when I started blogging – What the Redhead Said

How to start a blog – The Money Shed

8 basic blog tips – Inside Martyn’s Thoughts

Blogging tips – Nicola Says

Tips for a successful blog – A Mum Track Mind

Good blogging practice – The Parent Game

How to start a blog – a beginner’s guide – Dear Little Daisy

How to start a blog – Make a Website Hub

2. The technical side of blogging – includes links, terminology, plugins and tools

Going self-hosted – Confessions of a Working Mum

100+ essential blogging terms – Devon Mama

7 free wordpress plugins you need now – Devon Mama

How to stop Linkis scraping your content – Hodge Podge Days

How to build your blog’s domain authority – Our Fairytale Adventure

Blogging terminology – Pink Pear Bear

Blog Geek Tips – Life, Love, and Dirty Dishes

Follow and no-follow links – Pink Pear Bear

Which is better, WordPress or Blogger? – What Katy Said

Blog admin you need to nail (lots of advice on plugins to use) – The Less Refined Mind

Making your blog self hosted – A Mum Track Mind

How to set up a redirect on your WordPress blog – Hodge Podge Days

The best plugins for your WordPress blog – What Katy Said

What is an alt tag – Hodge Podge Days

How to back up your blog – What Katy Said

How to choose the right web hosting – Joanne Dewberry

Basic HTML for bloggers – Babi a Fi

Adding CommentLuv to Blogger – Inside Martyn’s Thoughts

3. The blogging community

Blogger etiquette – The Less Refined Mind

A guide to blogger tags – Bubba Blue and Me

Social media etiquette for bloggers – Slouching Towards Thatcham

A list of Twitter chats for bloggers – FBL Savvy 

Blogger networks – What the Redhead Said

4. Reviews and giveaways

How to run a giveaway with Rafflecopter – Inside Martyn’s Thoughts

7 basic tips on working with brands – Inside Martyn’s Thoughts

How to promote a blog giveaway – Mudpie Fridays

5. Photography and images

How to take great photos for your blog – Lylia Rose

10 tips from a professional photographer – What Katy Said

The perfect blog photo – Bubba Blue and Me

Maximise the sharing potential of your images – Joanne Dewberry

How to make the best blog graphics – Life unexpected

6. Blog design – includes layout and adding badges

How to create a blog badge or MPU – Ickle Pickle’s Life

How to customise Worpress – WebsiteSetup

10 tips for creating a blog & website design you love – Dear Little Daisy

Make your blog easy to read – Bubba Blue and Me

How to add badges to mobile view on Blogger – Emmy’s Mummy

Simple ways to make your blog more appealing to readers and brands – What the Redhead Said

7. Keeping the post ideas flowing

5 ways to overcome writer’s blog – Tippytupps

How to think of brilliant blog post ideas – Bubba Blue and Me

Motivation in blogging – Inside Martyn’s Thoughts

When you have nothing to write – What Katy Said

5 basic tips for creating a unique voice – Inside Martyn’s Thoughts

101 Blog Post Ideas – Babi A Fi

How to write a killer blog post – What Katy Said

Creating unique content – The Money Shed

8. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO tips – Joanne Dewberry

9. Tots 100 rankings (parent bloggers)

Myths and truths about the Tots 100 rankings – Slouching Towards Thatcham

11. Working from home – includes organisation and time management

Blogging: How to keep organised – Treasure every moment

How to increase productivity by using time wisely – Plutonium Sox

How Pomodoro has made me more productive – Coffee, Cake, Kids

5 things every blogger needs – Plutonium Sox

Coping with blogging without broadband – Bubba Blue and Me

How to organise your blogging – You Baby Me Mummy

12. Increasing blog traffic

Why Google analytics should be every blogger’s best friend – Digital motherhood

10 ways to grow your blog – Samantha Rickelton.com

13. Earning money from blogging

Make money from your blog with affiliate marketing – Katy Kicker

We need to talk about living the dream – Plutonium Sox

Blogging for business – Joanne Dewberry

Raising the money game – Monkey and Mouse

Making blogging a full time job – What The Redhead Said

Making money with mummy blogging – Wave to Mummy

Earning money from your blog – The Money Shed

14. Twitter

How to get over 50,000 followers on Twitter – Birds and Lilies

Twitter tips for bloggers and small businesses – Midwife and Life

15. Facebook

10 tips to grow you blog’s Facebook page without paying a penny – Emmy’s Mummy

10 Facebook groups to help your blog – You Baby Me Mummy

16. Instagram

Posting photos of kids on Instagram – Beyond the Playground

My love affair with Instagram – Plutonium Sox

7 basic tips for Instagram – Inside Martyn’s Thoughts

Instagram Limits – Inside Martyn’s Thoughts

Rapidly grow your Instagram – You Baby Me Mummy

Instagram’s new algorithm – Slouching Towards Thatcham

7 reasons I dislike Instagram – Inside Martyn’s Thoughts

17. Pinterest

20 tailwind tribes to join for parenting bloggers – Midwife and life

How to use Boardbooster with Pinterest – The Less Refined Mind

How I doubled my blog traffic in a month using Pinterest – The Less Refined Mind

How to use Pinterest to promote your blog – Plutonium Sox

Grow your blog with Pinterest – Babi a Fi

18. YouTube

A beginner’s guide to YouTube for bloggers – Pink Oddy

Getting started on YouTube – You Baby Me Mummy

19. LinkedIn

A simple guide to LinkedIn for bloggers – Slouching Towards Thatcham

21. Klout

Klout – what’s it all about? – Little Hearts Big Love

Understanding social media impact within Klout – Inside Martyn’s Thoughts

7 Truths about Klout – Slouching towards Thatcham

The Basics of Klout – Inside Martyn’s Thoughts

22. Additional resources

Blogging your way to riches book – Emma & 3

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