Drayton’s Magical Christmas Review

Update: This review was from 2015 and Drayton’s Magical Christmas 2016 is now in full swing. You can check out this review from The Dadventurer if you’d like to read about this year’s experience.

My Review of Drayton’s Magical Christmas

This afternoon, we’ve had an amazing time at Drayton’s Magical Christmas. We have been to Drayton Manor more times than I can count this year and every time we’ve been, Libby has asked whether Father Christmas would be there this time.

Finally, today was the day. Libby has been buzzing all week waiting for it. She’s been a bit of a pain actually, as excited three year olds tend to be.

We arrived at around lunchtime and headed straight to Thomas Land to see the Christmas show. There was music, dancing and even a very realistic fake snowstorm which the children adored.

Drayton's Magical Christmas: Review


Drayton's Magical Christmas: Review

The decorations around the park were absolutely beautiful. There were fairy lights and Christmas trees everywhere, along with little characters like polar bears made from lights.

Drayton's Magical Christmas: Review

There are over 25 rides open and after we had watched the show, we headed for the rides. The weather was perfect for a Christmas day out. It was freezing cold but beautifully sunny.

That said, the cold did make it particularly appealing to head inside every now and then. So we watched the fabulous 4D Polar Express film.

Father Christmas at Drayton’s Magical Christmas

After that, it was time to head for Father Christmas in the Castle of Dreams. The setting was lovely and Father Christmas was really friendly and chatty with the girls.

He even told Libby that she’d get extra presents if she helped me out around the house over the next few weeks. Fingers crossed it works!

The girls got a lovely present each from Santa, including a free ticket to visit the park next year. I think this is a lovely idea and we’ll definitely be making the most of it.

Throughout the day, all the staff were really friendly and helpful. From the gentleman running the carousel who took the time to chat to us all, to the princesses that were happy to be photographed with the girls, to the member of staff who spent a good five minutes explaining to Libby how to turn herself into a Christmas bauble.

Drayton's Magical Christmas: Review

Drayton’s Magical Christmas – The Drawbacks

The only thing that Libby was a little bit disappointed with was that she was unable to go ice skating. The skates available started from children’s shoe size eight and Libby is only just into a seven.

I could perhaps have managed to get Libby onto the ice, but I had nobody to leave Lia with because my husband couldn’t manage her on his own for that long.

I hope that next year they’ll consider getting bob skates so that the tiny ones can skate too.

The other thing I was a little bit disappointed with was the lack of vegetarian options in the food outlets. We tried the Humble Pies outlet first, where they had run out of vegetarian pies.

The next place we tried only did hot dogs. As we were in a bit of a rush to get to Father Christmas, I ended up having to buy hot dogs for everyone else and give up on getting something for me, meaning I didn’t manage to eat until dinner time.

Drayton’s Magical Christmas – The Verdict

Despite the couple of small drawbacks, the whole day was brilliant. It was rounded off perfectly with the stunning lights and decorations after dark, the whole place looked magical. I have to admit, I did have a favourite decoration although I may be a little biased…

Drayton's Magical Christmas: Review

Drayton's Magical Christmas: Review

Drayton's Magical Christmas: Review

And to top it all off, when the rides had closed there were fireworks on the lake. There really weren’t that many people in the park which surprised me. It was so good, I hope more people make the most of it as we get closer to Christmas.

The fact it was so quiet did mean that we got the most incredible view of the fireworks, the backdrop of the pirate ship set them off perfectly.

Drayton's Magical Christmas: Review

Please note, I am a blogger ambassador for Drayton Manor and we were invited to attend the event so that I could tell you all about it. All views, opinions, human baubles (no children were harmed yada yada yada…) and insanely Christmassy blog posts in November are my own.


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