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16 tips for visiting Alton Towers cBeebies Resort and water park with young children

We spent a weekend at Alton Towers water park, theme park and resort. Whilst we had a brilliant time, a few tips could have made our stay even better. We were among the first people to try out the cBeebies hotel. We also put both cBeebies Land within Alton Towers theme park and the Splash Landings waterpark through their paces. Our children were aged 3 and 5, so the perfect age for the cBeebies experience. I wanted to share the things that would have improved our stay so that others will hopefully have a better time. Here’s a quick video…

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Konfidence swim jackets at Alton Towers waterpark

We’ve been huge fans of Konfidence since discovering them a few years ago. Their products including the Konfidence swim jacket fit perfectly with our ethos as a family, so we are delighted to be Konfidence Swimologists for 2017. We all love swimming, and if possible we love to swim outdoors in a natural setting. Konfidence make wetsuits that are perfect for the girls when we’re swimming outdoors. Their toys and Konfidence swim jackets are ideal for swimming both indoors and outdoors. And we’ve now discovered that they’re ideal for waterparks too! The Konfidence swim jacket The girls have had a…

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