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Easy baking with Craft and Crumb review and giveaway

I have written many times about the struggle I have with productivity. Working from home is so intensive that I struggle to find the time to take on additional tasks. Sadly one such task is organising birthdays. Thankfully this year, baking kits from the award winning Craft and Crumb website have come to the rescue. Don’t get me wrong, I want my girls to have the best birthdays possible. But they are SO demanding! When it’s my husband’s birthday, he’s happy with a chocolate cake. And I love making chocolate cake. We put some sweets on it so the girls…

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Co-op Easter treats: Review & recipe

Much as I loved Easter as a child, it’s been a long time since I had an Easter egg of my own. My family don’t buy them, my husband and I don’t buy them for each other and his family just buy one for the children. So when Central England Co-Operative asked me to review a few items from their Easter range, I jumped at the chance. I have literally years of Easters to make up for. I chose two fabulous looking, huge Easter eggs. The first egg I chose was the Brushed Gold Milk Chocolate Egg with Dark Chocolate…

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