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Minions toys for Christmas

Since watching Despicable Me a couple of years ago, Libby has been a huge Minions fan. She has watched the films so many times that Lia has started to love them too. This morning, Lia had to miss her playgroup Christmas party because we’re having a new kitchen fitted and I had to be here to sort some things out. So I decided it was a great time to get out the new Minions toys we’ve been sent. Minion Bob Soft Toy Minion Bob is a cuddly little plush Minion complete with goggles. The souls of his feet are hard, allowing him…

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A picture speaks a minion words

I’ve never been a particularly materialistic person. This is one character trait that I’m rather pleased my children seem to have inherited. Neither of them ever really ask for things or want expensive toys or clothes. But Libby is getting to an age where little gifts can make her really happy. On her birthday, she strangely only wanted my sister to buy her a present. She didn’t want anything from anybody else. And the only thing she asked my sister for was a colouring book. Occasionally though, there is something that she really, really takes to. Minions, for example. The…

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