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Co-op Easter treats: Review & recipe

Much as I loved Easter as a child, it’s been a long time since I had an Easter egg of my own. My family don’t buy them, my husband and I don’t buy them for each other and his family just buy one for the children. So when Central England Co-Operative asked me to review a few items from their Easter range, I jumped at the chance. I have literally years of Easters to make up for. I chose two fabulous looking, huge Easter eggs. The first egg I chose was the Brushed Gold Milk Chocolate Egg with Dark Chocolate…

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3 Simple Cocktails

Whether you’re having a cosy night in with a partner or hosting a dinner party, cocktails are a must. But they can be so complicated! Many recipes have a plethora of ingredients that I can’t find in the supermarket, let alone the cupboard. So, I drafted in some help. I’m neither a cocktail maker nor a photographer. Luckily, we have a family friend who is both. TheseĀ 3 simple cocktails – both recipes and photographs – are courtesy of Scott Stockwell Photography. But I’m happy to say, I did drink them. And they’re fabulous! Cocktail 1: Raspberry Mojito Ingredients White rum…

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