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Giant Lego trail at Slimbridge

Today, we spent a lovely morning on the trail of the amazing giant Lego figures at WWT Slimbridge. We were lucky enough to be joined for the day by an fabulous local photographer. The weather was not kind to us, but nonetheless we had a lovely day, as we always do at Slimbridge. I think I have mentioned before that Lia is rather a big fan of ducks. This  makes Slimbridge her ideal day out. For Libby, anywhere outdoors, especially where there is a park, is great fun. Slimbridge is relatively local to us and it’s one of those places that we…

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Slimbridge Wetland Centre

It’s a while since we’ve been to The Wildfowl and Wetland Trust Slimbridge Wetland Centre, in fact this was Libby the last time we went.  We decided that this was much too long ago, so we headed there today. Whilst it was really rather cold, in fact I’m pretty sure I saw some snow, we had managed to wear the right clothing so that the cold didn’t make a difference.  Lia loved watching the birds. In fact, I hardly heard a sound out of her all day, but every time I looked at her she was smiling at the birds.…

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