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Bullying labelled as feminism is still bullying

I am a feminist. I have spent years fighting to be treated the same as my male counterparts in business. A career I loved was tainted by the insufferable old boys’ network attitude. I have seen first hand the devastating effect of abusive relationships, belittling attitudes and discriminatory behaviours. And yet in recent weeks I have noticed women cruelly and mercilessly bullying men. Throwing allegations at them, calling them names and relentlessly hounding them for holding a different point of view. That is not feminism, it’s bullying and it’s not acceptable. I am a female, I am a feminist. I am not a…

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What if my child is a bully?

Every day I read another tragic news story about a child who has lost their life to suicide as a result of bullying. Pointless, mindless cruelty that the victim can do nothing about. What child is strong enough to stand up to big groups of children ganging up to make them feel worthless? As an adult I know what it feels like when you don’t fit in. When you walk into a room and nobody speaks to you or there are giggles and cruel comments about the way you look. It’s heartbreaking. I’m a big girl, I deal with it.…

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