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I disagree

It is natural to surround ourselves with people like us. We work with people with a similar skillset, make friends with people who have similar interests and follow social media accounts that share our ethos. So, when was the last time you disagreed with someone? Not an argument, or disagreeing with a stranger, but voicing a differing opinion to a friend or family member. Or even expressing an alternative viewpoint at work. Is disagreeing really that uncommon? Why is disagreeing frowned upon? It goes without saying that we all have differing opinions. If we were all the same, society simply…

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Am I teaching my children to be argumentative?

Am I┬átaking the wrong approach to disagreement? Let’s face it, even the word itself has negative connotations. Awkward, argumentative, feisty, disagreeable, obtuse. We discourage our children from disagreeing. Don’t answer back, do as you’re told. Don’t argue with me. And yet, I want my children to disagree. In fact, I believe it is one of the most important skills they can learn. Should children be taught to disagree? I know, it’s a strange concept. After all, children do nothing but disagree. They never want to do as they’re told and the whining – oh, don’t even talk to me about…

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