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Dinosaurs at Eastnor Castle

Rex the baby Tyrannosaurus was off his lead, surrounded by children when it happened. Nobody could know for sure what triggered it. Something in the crowd perhaps, a sudden noise. A baby crying. And suddenly, he was off. Running towards the kids, roaring like a crazy beast. They scattered everywhere, screaming for mercy. The dinosaur show The dinosaur show at Eastnor Castle featured a person in a very realistic dinosaur suit. The ‘keeper’ presented the show, starting off with ‘Rex’ on a lead. He was introduced, complete with lots of educational facts about dinosaurs. That’s when the fun started. Rex…

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Eastnor Castle: Review

Eastnor Castle is a stunningly beautiful, imposing building that can be seen from the Malvern Hills. Events at Eastnor take place throughout the summer months and we’ve been to a few over the years. Whenever you visit, there are always plenty of outdoor activities to do, as well as looking around inside the majestic castle. I’ve always been particularly impressed that dogs are allowed both in the castle grounds and inside the castle itself. This makes it a really accessible day out for the whole family. Eastnor Castle Grounds In the castle grounds, children can be knights and princesses, challenge…

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