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Join the upcycling revolution with Wyatt and Jack

I make no secret of the fact that I hate consumerism. I rarely buy clothes for myself and if I do, they’re often from a charity shop. And as for designer items? They would have to be pretty special to turn my head. But I do make one exception. Designer bags from Wyatt and Jack This isn’t one of those reviews where someone sends me a designer item and I tell you it’s wonderful. Instead, it’s a recommendation for a brand I’ve been using for years. I first discovered Wyatt and Jack when I featured them as an ethical retailer.…

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Friday Feature #10

My Friday features on wonderful, ethical companies are swiftly becoming one of my favourite posts to write, and this latest one is no exception. Allow me to introduce you to the Amazonas Brazilian Tarp Hat Company. These hats are made from recycled tarpaulins from water trucks. They are then handmade in local villages in Brazil, so every hat is completely unique.  They are environmentally friendly and look fantastic. The material they are made from makes them so durable that they are a hat for life, and yet the prices are incredibly reasonable. Many of them come in at under £30 and…

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