Friday Feature #10

My Friday features on wonderful, ethical companies are swiftly becoming one of my favourite posts to write, and this latest one is no exception. Allow me to introduce you to the Amazonas Brazilian Tarp Hat Company.

These hats are made from recycled tarpaulins from water trucks. They are then handmade in local villages in Brazil, so every hat is completely unique. 

They are environmentally friendly and look fantastic. The material they are made from makes them so durable that they are a hat for life, and yet the prices are incredibly reasonable.

Many of them come in at under £30 and wallets are under £20. You can even get 10 per cent off any purchase using the code WATERHAT.

Don’t worry, I don’t do affiliate links so you won’t be funding my lavish champagne lifestyle by purchasing a hat, I just wanted to tell you about them because they’re one of the very rare breed of ethical fashion companies. 

Tarp hat were kind enough to send us our very own hat. I let hubby choose it, because I thought it would be the sort of thing he would love. 

That didn’t go quite to plan. Hubby of course loves the hat, and it fits him perfectly (size guides are available on the website). 

Unfortunately for him though, our whole family are eyeing it up. In fact, we have a cute hat photo competition going on right here, right now. 

Libby’s hair suits the hat and she’s got the perfect, angelic pose. But Lia’s cheeky grin is equally cute, I just can’t pick a winner! 

Isn’t it a fabulous, unique looking hat? I think we might invest in some more and have them as a family uniform. 

Not least because for every purchase, the Tarp hat company will put 50p towards installing fresh water wells in remote villages in the Brazilian Amazonian Rainforest. 


I haven’t personally visited Brazil, but I’ve visited the Amazonian Rainforest just over the border in Venezuela. The more remote areas have hammocks and shelter, but not a lot else that we would regard as essential. This is one of the villages that will benefit from the water wells that your purchase will fund. 

2013-05-26 06.52.08

I’m sure you’ll agree that it is stunningly beautiful, but the water there isn’t safe to drink and the wells will literally save lives. Access to clean water is such a basic human right, it shouldn’t be left to people like Ana and Charlie at the Tarp Hat company to provide it, but sadly it is. 

And that’s why I for one will be supporting them. I hope you will consider doing the same, particularly if you are currently searching for an amazing, unique father’s day gift. For more information about their work, you can check visit their website

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