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Family holiday ideas for the winter

There’s nothing quite like a holiday to make the winter go quicker. Before having children, I’d often go away for a month or more in November. By the time I came back, it was nearly Christmas. The weather was properly cold, but the new year was in sight, so it felt like spring was already around the corner. Since getting a camper van, we’ve been making the most of UK holidays with the children in the colder months. Whilst it doesn’t make winter seem shorter, we all feel better for spending more time outside, whatever the weather. Here are a…

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How to find the best villa for a family holiday

This is a collaborative post.  Holidays are something completely different when you have children aren’t they? To have any chance of relaxing, you really do need to find the ideal accommodation. The advantage villas have is their generous size. Much like at home, you’ve all got your own space. Unlike at home, you’re also in an idyllic location with a swimming pool. But there are other factors to take into consideration as well, which is why using a service like Villa Finder can help you to find perfect villa for your family. Why use Villa Finder? Villa Finder was founded…

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