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Saving up for a big purchase the easy way

Until recently, I’ve never been a saver. Living day to day was the priority, and if I wanted to travel then that’s what credit cards were for. Unfortunately, my inability to say no when it came to travel did land me in some debt. Managing without getting into more debt became increasingly difficult. Now though, we’re in the fortunate position that our only debt is the mortgage. So, it’s time to be sensible about saving. Over the past few years, various bank accounts and apps have been developed to make saving easier. I’m taking advantage of those and putting some…

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Looking for a camper van

This is a collaborative post. I’m not sure where the idea of the girls having an education on the road came from. My husband and I have always loved to travel but when we had the children, we accepted that we’d have to settle down for a few years. The problem is, whilst we were both ready to have children, settling down was never really on either of our agendas. When we went to Busfest last week, we both realised that we needed to start travelling sooner than anticipated. We’re not about to sell up and drive into the sunset…

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The £10 holiday

I’ve had a bit of a brainwave. I’ve realised that we’re saving up for our holidays all wrong. And that in fact, we could have any holiday we wanted for just £10. So here’s how I’m going to achieve the £10 holiday. Most people put money aside throughout the year to save for their holiday. For us, our main holiday usually involves camping so we don’t have to save a fortune. This year, we are looking forward to heading to Scotland to visit friends and explore the beautiful countryside. But for next year’s holiday (2017) we are taking a different…

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