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8 tips for Veganuary success

When I posted about taking part in Veganuary, lots of people commented on social media to see if I had any tips. Unfortunately, I am totally winging it so I had nothing. Instead, I turned to fellow bloggers and experienced vegans to share their wisdom. Here are 8 top tips for Veganuary from those in the know. 1. Find a Veganuary milk alternative that you enjoy I haven’t been using ordinary milk since I completely went off it during my second pregnancy. Finding an alternative that you like can be a bit of a nightmare. I love hemp milk including…

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Taking part in Veganuary

As 2018 draws to a close, most of us are craving salad and exercise after over-indulging at Christmas. Veganuary is a popular challenge at this time of year, with people around the world giving up meat and animal products for the month of January. Reasons for taking part vary from concern for animals and the environment, through to the health benefits to the individual. Why I’m taking part in Veganuary I’ve looked at Veganuary for the past few years and wondered whether to take part. But it has always seemed a bit too difficult. I cook for the whole family…

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