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Thinking about holidays

After a fabulous and unexpected holiday at Bluestone in January this year, we’ve been a bit reticent in getting around to booking or planning our breaks for the summer.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been one for booking holidays early. In fact, I’m a bit of a last minute wonder. Hubby is definitely the organised one, he’s a bit of a stress head when it comes to getting things done.  The time we spent at Bluestone has put a completely different perspective on holidays for us though, and made us reconsider the sort of thing that we will all…

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Our Thursday Photo #39

I’m very aware of how much both girls are growing up and changing each week, but occasionally something really makes me stop and think about it.  This week, the trigger has been lots of talk about school. I overheard a conversation earlier in the week about the problem parents face when taking school age children on holiday.  Some people were willing to take their children out of school to avoid the price hikes during holidays and all of them were complaining about the fact that they could be penalised for doing so.  We’re not yet in that position ourselves, but…

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We’re on an adventure!

This morning, for the first time since having Lia last May, I had three whole hours to myself when I wasn’t working. As you can imagine, I used my time wisely, enjoying a spa at the Bluestone National Park resort in Pembrokeshire.  On arrival, I had a short consultation before being given a luxurious robe, towel and slippers and being shown to the changing rooms to get into my swimming costume to use the spa facilities.  The changing rooms were so luxurious I had to take a quick photo. I spent an incredibly relaxing two hours in the two steam…

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