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How you feel is your decision

One of my most vivid memories of childhood is sitting in the shallow end of a cold, dated swimming pool gazing up at the man on poolside and listening with awe. As swimmers, we were often told about new techniques, training regimes, drills and equipment that would improve our swimming. But our coach was one of those people who took a genuine interest in our lives outside of the pool as well. Occasionally, he would arrange for someone different to come and talk to us. They might do some coaching or speak about nutrition. But on this occasion, a Danish gentleman by the…

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The giving pledge

Today, I read an article about the Giving Pledge. It was the brainchild of Bill Gates, who wanted to encourage multi-millionaires to give away money to good causes.  The most recent recruit is a gentleman by the name of Sunny Varkey. He made his money through an education business and is now giving money to help people in developing countries who are unable to access education.  This made me think. We’re not all multi-millionaires. Which is a pity. But we do all have something to give to causes that are dear to our hearts.  For example, I wrote about the influence…

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The influence of bloggers

As a blogger, I love to read other people’s posts and keep up with the news about what my fellow bloggers are up to.  It was wonderful to see Team Honk getting involved with raising loads of money for comic relief. I was also totally in awe of this post by Sarah, who is using her blog influence to help out a friend in need.  Whilst I would by no means put myself in the same category as those inspirational people, I do my very best to raise awareness of issues, charities or ethical businesses when I think I can help.  And…

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