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Goodbye little friend

They say friends come in all shapes and sizes, You certainly were proof of that. I never thought we’d all fall quite so in love, With such a funny old cat. Wherever we were, you’d be there. At home or out for a walk. You’d come to visit our relatives, Such tales to tell if cats could talk. Playing was your specialty, But you also loved a good fuss. You’d happily make friends with strangers, But your favourite was being with us. Don’t tell me that children don’t need pets, I can easily prove that they do. We’re so sorry…

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Bother that cat

  If you have ever read the Mog the cat books by Judith Kerr, you probably recognise the phrase “Bother that cat”.  When Libby was quite little, my sister bought Mog the Forgetful Cat for her because she loved cats and at the time we didn’t have one. I always had a yearning to have another cat after our beautiful Simba passed away, well wouldn’t you miss a cat as beautiful as this?  Simba and her equally beautiful sister Tigger were both from the Cats Protection League and when hubby finally allowed me to get another cat, I of course went back to the charity…

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